Personal Loan
Krungthai Home Easy Cash

Krungthai Home Easy Cash

Turn land and houses into Cash for your multi-purpose expenses you need.
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Term loan upto 8 million
Easy application
with land homes, condominium units or commercial buildings as collateral
Personal loan for any expenses you need


Types of Collateral

Interest Rate (Yearly)

1st year

2nd year

Other consecutive years

Land with buildings

MRR - 1.5%

MRR - 0.5%

Condominium units / Commercial buildings

MRR - 1.0%



MRR - 0.5%

MRR + 1%

**A maximum of 15-year borrowing period**

Easy to apply
Qualified applicants 
  1. Earn fixed income and credential evidence of earning reports and have working period over 1 year. Working period can be accumulated from previous and current jobs.
  2. If the loan is for occupational purposes, the business must have been established for over 1 year with valid bank statements or credential business income report.
  3. The part-time job‘s net income (after deduction of business cost) must be less than the regular job earning.
  4. Joint-borrower is possible, provided that the age of applicant or joint borrower when combined with loan repayment period shall not exceed 60 years.
  5. The net income must be enough to cover payment of the loan with interest to the Bank.
  6. No previous history of missing due payment.
Required Documents
  1. The applicant and spouse (if applicable)‘ copies of national identification card
  2. The applicant and spouse (if applicable)‘ copies of house registration
  3. Original copy of income certifying letter or other original copy of credential income report.
  4. Copy of bank statement showing salary deposits for at least three months back.