Housing Loan
Krungthai Smart Home Loan

Krungthai Smart Home Loan

Dream of a new house Get Krungthai smart home loan and make your dream come true.
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Easy to apply with house as collateral
Freedom to choose your own prefered residential styles
Maximum 30-year borrowing period

Interest rate and repayment period
Interest rate


30 years
INTERESTS&PERIOD Interest rate and repayment period

1st year

Other consecutive years


MLR - 0.25%

Maximum 30-year borrowing period. If the loan is applied for Land of future home construction, maximum 15 year borrowing period is possible.

The customer is eligible to apply for loan insurance.(The Bank’s terms and conditions applied)
Required Fees
  1. Yearly MRR /MLR (as designated by the Bank )
  2. No loan application fee
  3. Collateral appraisal fee of 2,500 Baht
  4. Early redeem of mortgage prior to 3 year completion costs 3 % fee the total principal amount.
  5. Should loan collection process needed, the fee costs 135 baht/time for each round of missing due payment.
  6. Highest possible interest rate at 14.50% yearly. If missing due payment, the interest rate could go up to 18% yearly
Easy to apply
Qualified Applicants
  1. Earn monthly income or be an entrepreneur with capability for loan repayment.
  2. Being sui juris.
  3. Joint borrower is possible, provided that joint borrower‘s age when combined with loan repayment period shall not exceed 65 years or not exceed retirement age as prescribed by law for specific types of government officials such as public prosecution official and judge.
  4. Having no bad financial record or insolvency.
  5. Joint borrower is able to pay for the installments together with the borrower.
Required Documents
  1. Copy of national identification cards or government official cards of borrower, joint borrower and spouse.
  2. Copy of house registration of borrower, joint borrower and spouse
  3. Copy of marriage certificate of borrower and joint borrower (if married)
  4. Copy of bank statement or credential income report of borrower, joint borrower and spouse.
  5. Copy of photographs of land title deed or title document (for condominium units) submitted as loan collateral.
  6. Copy of sale contract of property submitted to the Bank as loan collateral
  7. Copy of construction contractor contract and blueprint for home constructions
  8. Construction permit (for construction & renovation home loan)
  9. Photos of house or townhouse or unit(s) in condominium or commercial building to be bought.