Krungthai SMS Alert

Krungthai SMS Alert

Never miss what happens on your account with SMS alert service from Krungthai Bank
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
24 hours service & Never miss any transactions
Easy to apply at any Krungthai branches,
via electronic systems and phones
Only 20 baht for the real-time notifications

Fee Rates

  • 20 baht/ month/ bank account
  • 35 baht/ month/one customer (special package)
Service details
Instant use once applied. The Krungthai SMS Alert service notify any transactions of over 1 baht except fees and interest expense.
Terms and conditions
  • Easy to apply at any Krungthai branches nationwide, ATM and ADM machines, Krungthai NEXT and Krungthai Call Center Tel. 02-111-1111
  • Only for individuals bank account: saving and current accounts
  • Service fee collected once application processed
  • Changing of mobile registered on the system or cancellation of service at any Krungthai branches, ATM and ADM machines, Krungthai NEXT and Call Center Tel. 02-111-1111
  • Application through Krungthai Call Center, the card numbers of ATM and Visa Debit cards are required.
  • Available on AIS / DTAC / TrueMove mobile networks