Money Transfer
Global Remittance

Global Remittance

Easy transfer worldwide! Convenient for both sides (for transferors and transferees)
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Available at all branches
Transfer anywhere globally over 150 currencies
via alliance banks
Great exchange rate and same day money collection*
*Depend on time zone and international bank term & condition
Notification of transfer
via E-mails with e-advice service

Fee Rates
Fees for Outward Remittance
  • The transferor pay for the fee collected by the overseas bank. (Charge BEN/SHA)
    • Service fee is deducted from the amount of money transferred.
    • 400 baht/transaction (any currencies)
  • The transferor pay for the fee collected by the overseas bank.(Charge OUR)
    • Full amount of money received
    • 1,200 baht /transaction (Depending on currencies)
    • GBP and EUR : 1,600 baht/transaction 
    • JPY : 400 Baht +0.05% of the total amount/transaction for transfering to Japan

if transfer via Internet Banking, discount service charge 100 baht/transaction

Registration for International Fund Transfer via Krungthai NEXT Mobile Application (New!)

  • The Applicant opens Krungthai Bank account and registers for using Krungthai NEXT mobile application. In case the Applicant does not have Krungthai Bank account or has not registered for using Krungthai NEXT, the Applicant can apply for the abovementioned service at any branch of Krungthai Bank.
  • The Applicant can download the latest version of Krungthai NEXT mobile application via Appstore (iOS operating system) or via Playstore (Android operating system).
  • The Applicant can perform self-registration via After log in KTB netbank, select ‘Interbank Transfer’ > ‘International Transfer’ > Add Transferee Account 

Fees for receiving money from overseas transfer

The Bank fee charges at 0.25% of the total amount transferred, minimum rate at 200 baht but not exceeding 500 baht
Outward Remittance
  1. Fill up the international transfer form
  2. Hand in required documents and money
  3. Collect the money transfer receipt
Required documents for Outward Remittance
  • Individuals : Copy of national identification card or passport
  • Juristic persons : Memorandum of association 
  • Evidence of transfer purpose
  • Any transfer amount of equal to or over 50,000 us dollar, the request for international transaction must be complete.
Transferee‘s personal information
  • Name and account number of transferees
  • Bank name and code of the overseas bank
Inward Remittance
Specify the swift code “KRTHTHBK” each time you expect the international transfer and notify transferer of these details :
  • Krungthai bank branch
  • Account number
  • Account name
Special service “E-service”
Get your transfer updates via e-mails free of charge.
Please contact the Bank for service at Tel. 02-208-4910-19
Application For Foreign Currency Transaction
Application For Foreign Currency Transaction  
(0.62 MB) PDF
Terms and Conditions for Foreign Currency Transaction
Terms and Conditions for Foreign Currency Transaction  
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