Payment & Top Up
Easy pass

Easy pass

Top up money on Easy pas! Get you going fast with Easy pass top up with Krungthai bank
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Easy top up money
with Krungthai netbank and ATM/ADM machines
top up with your finger tips

Fee Rates
Top up your easy pass
Starting at 500 baht up to 5,000 baht (each added amount at 500 baht)
Top up easy pass at any Krungthai netbank

First time user - Simple application for Easy pass

  • Go to Krungthai netbank Website.
  • Enter your user ID and password to log in.
  • Select “Payee”.
  • Select “Add Payee” by clicking “Transportation”, select “Expressway Authority of Thailand (Easy Pass Top-up)” and rename the payee. Then enter 10-digit S/N number on the back of Easy Pass.
  • Select Product/service payment transaction.
  • Select the payee from the list that represents Expressway Authority of Thailand (Easy Pass Top-up) as specified.
  • Select a bank account, enter the top-up amount and click “OK”.
  • Verify the payment information on the screen and click “Confirm”.
  • Your top up is complete .

Convenient with Smart phone application top-up
  • Download Krungthai netbank Application


Top up easy pass at any Krungthai ATM/ADM machines
Fast steps to get you going
  • Insert ATM card and enter your password
  • Select “Easy Pass Top-up Service”.
  • Select “the account type”.
  • Enter 10-digit S/N number on the back of the easy pass card, enter the top-up amount, then click “Correct”.
  • Receive the transaction slip (if the slip is not available, you can confirm to proceed the transaction without the slip.
Available for both saving and current accounts