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Updated Date 20 Feb 2018

Traffic Ticket Payment Service

Easy way to pay traffic ticket at Krungthai Bank included ticket from speed camera and any kind of traffic tickets. You can easily pay at Krungthai Bank channels.

  • Branch (Nationwide)
  • ATM / ADM machine
  • Krungthai netbank
  • PTM (Police Ticket Management) Pay Point (Banking Agent)

*Traffic Ticket (book type) customer able to pay after received ticket for 2 working day.

Any Receipts, bills and SMS from payment at Krungthai Bank channels can be used as certificate instead of traffic ticket ‘s receipt.

Service Fees :

  • Bank Counter 20 THB / Transaction
  • ATM / ADM Machine 15 THB / Transaction
  • Krungthai netbank 15 THB / Transaction
  • Banking Agent 20 THB / Transaction