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Updated Date 8 Nov 2018
Krungthai Bank united with CAT provide total financial solution

Mr.Payong Srivanich, President and CEO of Kunthai Bank and Colonel Sanpachai Huvanandana,  President of CAT Telecom (Public) Company Limited announce collaboration Krungthai NEXT >>> EVERYTHING CONNECTED to CAT to provide total financial solution in order to satisfy every customer’s need and mobilize CAT into Cashless Organization on 8 November 2018 at CAT Tower Bangrak. 

Mr.Payong Srivanich revealed that as state-owned commercial bank which appointed to jointly support government’s Thailand 4.0 policy by apply new technology to serve customers and citizen and also announce digital strategy to be completely Invisible Banking, positioned itself as wireless transaction which can carry along with customer to proceed any transaction in anytime and anywhere by transform Mobile Banking “Krungthai NEXT” that covered most services in Thailand which are the beginning of initiation Mobile Banking to the grass roots citizen and trult elevate Mobile Banking industry to macro infrastructure.

“This collaboration between 2 organization occurred to make CAT’s customer received faster and more convenience with QR Code Cross Bank Bill Payment service that allow CAT’s customer to pay their bills via Mobile Banking of any bank which help to improve cash management efficiency, reduce cash collection and cash missing problem, enable to review payment report via KTB Corporate Online. Moreover the bank also planed to provide other financial services for CAT such as Paybill via KTB Corporate Online to receive bill payment from juristic customers and  pay the bill to government agent and Pay Alert service to receive telecommunication payment.”

Recently, the bank has been provided Krungthai Cash Management service to CAT in both debit and credit aspect such as Bill Payment for Telecommunication Bills, EDC machine, Telecommunication Bill Payment via debit and credit card, automatic Direct Debit service, Payroll, KTB Direct Credit, KTB Fleet Card and apply Krungthai Corporate Online for financial information.

Colonel Sanpachai Huvanandana stated that this collaboration will  support CAT to expand personal customers payment channel from existing payment channel which correspond with consumer’s behavior in digital age and response government’s policy to mobilize Thailand into cashless society and innovation driven economy, “Thailand 4.0”. As national’s digital and telecommunication provider, CAT have the main mission to develop digital business with modern technology in every aspect such as IoT, Big Data, Smart City on CAT communication networks in concept of “Going Digital with Smart Connectivity” to facilitate every customer group appropriately and more efficiently.

Corporate Branding and Communications Department
8 November 2018