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Updated Date 14 Mar 2018
Krungthai Travel Card the first and only card which can exchange foreign currency with the best rate.

            Dr.Somchai Sujjapongse ,Chairman of the Board of Directors of Krungthai Bank together with Mr.Payong Srivanich, President of Krungthai Bank launch Krungthai Travel Card,  the first and only one card that can exchange foreign currency with the best rate without carrying a cash, suitable for traveler, available soon on this April.

            Mr.Payong Srivanich revealed that the bank has modified the concept and apply technology of Fintech to maximize customers benefits including payment, money transfer, credit and working capital granting, personal finance management and financial information presentations in form of “Smart Concept” which the bank has launch new product “Krungthai Travel Card” the first and the only one card that allow customer to exchange foreign currency with more special rate than foreign currency exchange company in the currency exchange market which can be exchanged in anytime via Pao Tang application, initially allow to exchange 7 currencies (US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Australia Dollar, and Singapore Dollar) to satisfy the lifestyle of customer who travel abroad which over 7 million people per year and to response National e-Payment policy that encourage cashless society in both domestic and international level.

            Krungthai Travel Card will be available that on the early of this April. Customer who interest can contact to apply every branch of Krungthai Bank nationwide and will be able to aplly via Pao Tang application in the future and in case of Krungthai Travel Card holder lose their card, they can temporary deactivate the card and can be activated again via Pao Tang application to provide safety and convenient for customer.

Corporate Branding and Communications Department
14 March 2018