Saving Account

Saving Account

Short-term deposit. Flexible to all financial activities
Calculate daily interest.
Receive an interest twice a year (June and December)
at Thai Baht Deposit Interest Rates announced by the bank
Easy to apply.
Documents for opening an account
  • Certificate of business registration not more than 6 months validity
  • Minute of Meeting or Letter for request opening bank account
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Certified documents by registrar within 6 months validity
    • BOJ 3 Form Company Registration
    • BOJ 4 Form Amendments and / or special resolutions (if any)
    • BOJ 5/BOJ 6 Form Copy of shareholder list or documents showing the shareholding issued by government agencies
  • Identification Document of related persons
    • The Signer of account opening and Authorized signatory
      • Limited company requires valid National identification smart card (Foreigner use passport)
      • Public company requires valid National identification smart card (Foreigner use passport)
        If not available, please use a card issued by government agencies with photo and national Identification number e.g. Official, State enterprise, Government employee identification card, Passport, Driving license
    • Every Authorized representative of juristic person. Top management Real beneficiary (Individuals with 25% of shareholder or more in the company)
      If not available, please use identification document of business authorization. Top Management uses valid National identification card (Foreigner uses copy of passport) and certify copy