M-Pass card

M-Pass card

Easy All-in one
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Maximum Top-up amount at 5,000 per time
No fee for top-up
Enjoy life at any stores where VISA Debit symbol is displayed
Only single card use for Motorway and Expressway
Apply and get M-Pass tag with M-Pass card

M-Pass apply service center
  1. 120 Krungthai branch (Check more detail here)
  2. Outbound Service Area (Between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm) at motorway number 7 (Bangkok-Chonburi)
  3. Dantubchang Service Area (Between 8:30 am - 7:00 pm) at motorway number 7 (Bangpa-in - Bangna)
  4. Apply by Post Free delivery
Where to top-up M-Pass
  1. Krungthai branches nationwide
  2. Over 10,000 Krungthai ATMs nationwide
  3. Krungthai netbank or Krungthai Corporate Online on smartphone tablet and computer
  4. Direct debit from saving account
  5. 82,000 Boonterm Kiosk or Boonterm counter service, which is available nationwide (Only M-Pass)
Step to top-up M-Pass by Krungthai netbank
  1. Click home symbol and choose icon M-Pass
  2. Choose top-up account. Press top-up amount and click “YES”
  3. Check all detail of transaction and click “OK” to finish transaction
Add more payee
  1. Login to system and choose menu “Pay other bills”
  2. Choose menu “Payment products and services” or click at “Add payment for products and services”
  3. Choose Menu “Transportation” and choose “186 Top-up payment of expressway and motorway”
  4. Press S/N 10 Digits (Behind M-Pass card) and name
  5. Check a detail and click accept. Wait for OTP to confirm transaction
  6. Click “Finish” to end process
Steps to top-up M-Pass by ATM
  1. Insert ATM card and enter your 4 digit password
  2. hoose Menu “Lottery / Mobile Top Up / Traffic Charge / EASY PASS / M-PASS"
  3. Choose payment transaction menu “M-Pass”
  4. Choose account type
  5. Press S/N 10 Digits (At the Back M-PASS card) and press top-up amount. Minimum top-up amount is 500 baht or add more top-up every 500 baht. The maximum top-up amount is 5,000 baht
  6. Press “YES” when appear message “Your transaction is completed”
More convenience with M-Pass Mobile Application
Check balance in M-Pass and check previous transaction 24 hours. Download at Apple Store and Google Pay
Steps to apply M-Pass Mobile Application
  1. Choose “Sign-up”
  2. Fill in detail of user and smart card M-Pass S/N. (Check at the back of M-Pass card) then press “Register”
Easy to apply
Type of applicant Document for application
Corporate registered in Thailand Registration Certificae issued not more than 6 months
Not corporate but registered in Thailand  Document of legal status, issued within 6 months by government or government agencies or authorized organization

Government’s customer,
Government’s Organization, State enterprises or Government entities which are corporate

  1. Request letter of using service
  2. Letter of appointment
  3. Or power of attorney
Association, Foundation, Mosques, Shrines and other similar organization
  1. Letter of request for service
  2. Certification of registration from related government agencies,
  3. Letter of appointment
  4. Power of attorney
Person  who has legal agreements, such as trusts. Letter or document of founder and legal entity. Certified within last 6 months by authorized person by law.
Corporate established by specific law such as Education institution, Condominium Approval letter to establish corporation