Transfer and Payment Services
Krungthai Convenience Cheque

Krungthai Convenience Cheque

Convenience Cheque and required documents service with fast delivery.
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Conveniently and securely issuing cheques. No issuing errors even for large amount of cheques.
Well-prepared for Issuing cheque with the withholding tax certificate and payment information.
Quick and convenient for payment.
Secured system with international standard.



Service fee

(for each copy )

Issuing Cheque

30-50 Baht

Copy of withholding tax certificates and payment details

40-50 Baht

Cheque delivery, exchange of documents or postal cheque delivery service

50 Baht

Krungthai Corporate Online service

4,000 Baht / month

(if already existing customer, no extra fee applied)

Postal document delivery service

Actual postal charge from Thailand Post

Cheque delivery from the bank service points to the customers companies

300 Baht each time

Services Details
Each payment is recorded on Krungthai Corporate Online and the bank later delivers cheques, the withholding tax certificates and payment details to customers.
Required Documents :
  • Application form for Krungthai Corporate online
  • Related documents to apply for service of Krungthai Convenience Cheque
  • Power of Attorney (if required)
  • Copy of certificate of Juristic person registration
  • Copy of memorandum and company’s rules
  • Copy of national identification card, government officer card , state enterprise employee card of the authorized signatory of the organization.
  • If the governmental divisions, government-owned organizations or any other government departments request to use the issuing of cashier cheque service Should there be any changes of authorized signatory of the organization , the bank request a formal letter of notice.

  • Are there any options of electronic services?
    • Krungthai Convenience Fund Transfer service is available for customers to transfer money   with various service types including  direct credit , smart and Bahtnet. The company will send information including the withholding tax certificates and payment details via Krungthai Corporate online ,so the bank continue process of money and documents delivery to the receivers. 

  • What are the security and error identification process of Krungthai Convenience cheque system ?
    • The system assigns three levels of entry includes Company user maker, Company user checker and Company user authorizer for best security and send authorized pin code via SMS or e-token device.

      Also, the system will verify the information provided .Should the information is inaccurate , the system