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Krungthai e-Withholding Tax

Krungthai e-Withholding Tax Service

Enjoy the bliss of hassle-free tax management... Let’s Krungthai do it for you
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
easy payments at your fingertips
time-saving: no need to go to the Revenue Department’s establishment
the documents will be ready to retrieve via Krungthai Bank System

Fee payment category Fee Rates (baht)
Per transaction fee 10 baht
Per month fee 1,000 baht
Per annum fee 10,000 baht

Service details
  • A one stop service for tax documents management: Withholding Tax Certificate, P.N.D Tax certificate with its attachment and daily withholding tax record reports when process the payment via Krungthai Bank.
  • Directly submit monthly tax documents and pay for those taxes to the Revenue Department. All tax receipts are available for download.
  •  All tax payments are ready to be reviewed monthly “Real Time” through Krungthai Corporate online.

  • How was the feedback of this service?
    • Excellent feedback from other corporates and organizations.
      • The service was approved to be used nationwide by Bank of Thailand.
      • The MOU signing between Krungthai Bank and the Revenue Department for providing e-Withholding Tax service. The bank is subjected to directly submit tax forms to the Revenue Department.
      • The award winner from “Thailand ICT Excellence Awards 2012”.      
  • How can I pay for Krungthai e-Withholding Tax service?
      • Krungthai Convenience Cheque
      • Krungthai Convenience Fund Transfer
      • Krungthai e-Cheque
  • Where can I apply for the service?
    • At the Krungthai nearest branch or with our staff in order to apply for Krungthai e-Withholding Tax service.