Collection Service
Krungthai Direct Debit

Krungthai Direct Debit

Time and cost saving for collection of payment with Krungthai Direct Debit
HIGHLIGHT Unique Features
Minimize cost and efficient payment collection
Convenient with 24 hours service
Easy with online system or any bank branches

Interest rate and repayment period
Interest rate
Within service area
10 Baht
Different service area
20 Baht
Any amount exceeding 30,000 baht / transaction, will be charged 10 baht fee for each 10,000 baht. Maximum charge of 1,000 baht/ transaction. If fees from all account not over 1,000 baht, the minimum fee of 1,000 will be applied.
INTERESTS&PERIOD Interest rate and repayment period
Direct debit for payment of goods and services  from customers’ account can be processed 24 hours daily at any branches as agreed earlier.
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