Sustainable Integration


Krungthai bank has placed importance on its disclosure and transparency of knowledge gained from CSR operation according to “Good Corporate Governance Policy”.

The Bank has utilized its knowledge gained from CSR operation to develop and research for further business innovation that is able to create benefits and competitiveness as well as value added both to its business and the society simultaneously in respect of human resources and various financial products as follows :

  • Human Resources…the Heart of the Bank’s Success

The Bank believes in the power of all the staff members in the organization that they are the key forces in jointly pushing the Bank forward to achieve its vision and mission efficiently, appropriately and in line with the business operation strategy. Hence, the Bank has made its great effort to look for new staff members with appropriate knowledge, competence, skills and positive attitudes as well as readiness and willingness to join the Bank’s work along with the existing employees so that they all can enhance their knowledge, competence and skills with ability to work as a team, helping one another with the joint purpose of achieving the          Bank’s targets efficiently and effectively. Above all, the most important achievement focused by the Bank through time is to enable its employees to work happily with love and pride of being a part of the Bank. All this will enable the Bank to more toward being a perfectly happy workplace.

  • Salary, Remuneration and Welfare Management

The Bank adheres to the principle of salary management with fairness that is appropriate with living happily. Therefore, the Bank has formulated the pay rates which are not less than wages in the labor markets and pay rates of peer banks. The Bank has given financial support in the form of financial assistance and various welfare loans in several types such as employees uniform, co-op shop, staff resort home, meditation training program, bank library, annual medical checkup and fitness center coupled with encouraging the staff members to be well-balanced in living their work life and their own private life based on the sufficiency economy philosophy.

  • Human Rights and Fair Treatment to Labor

The Bank gives the importance to protection of human dignity, rights and liberty of individuals through its oversight of operation so that it would not be involved in human rights violation including equitable treatment to its staff or employees. Opportunities have been given to employees to lodge their complaints in writing for submission to supervisor and also to have freedom in joining membership of the Bank’s State Enterprise Labor Union and respective clubs to enable them to have collective bargaining with the Bank.

  • Human Resources Development

The Bank has its human resources development process that created Krung Thai Bank society to be a knowledge-sharing society for one another for employees at all levels. Such development has included development of supervisor’s potential or competency to enable them to think, decide and work systematically as prototype of the change managers and arrange for a process of subordinates development for greater efficiency such as coaching, on-the-job training, mentoring and other approaches to promote the Bank to be the “Learning Organization”. Furthermore, the Bank has in place a knowledge-based system to promote and support all its employees to access learning across-the-board and equitably while urging the employees at all levels to take up Self-Learning through the e-learning system of high efficiency on continuous basis.

  • Staff Participation in Creating Society and Community

The Bank has urged all the employees to participate in various CSR activities under the concept of intellectual capital creation by having formulated a policy encouraging all the departments and branches nationwide to jointly express their power of doing good deeds in reciprocating and helping the society and communities at local and national levels on regular basis. The Bank set up Krung Thai Volunteers Club derived from the Bank voluntary employees joining together to make their contribution for public benefit. Moreover, the Bank has given support to the communities and society to have adequate public utilities and various infrastructure.

  • Financial products and services to create convenience in all respects responding to all types of customer needs

The Bank is determined to create and offer financial innovation that respond to the client requirements through wide-ranging financial products and services so as to create satisfaction and convenience to the customers, ready to stand by the clients under the Bank policy on accountability for products and treatment to the Bank customers with its image of the Convenience Bank.

  • Products and services for society and environment
    • Loans of various types to encourage national economic flows and help conserve the environment such as energy-saving loan, NGV/CNG vehicles loan, microfinance for community and grassroots people and occupational loan etc.
    • Specific products and services according to customer segments such as those for the elderly / aging, the handicapped, foreign customers, KTB on the Move service or adding Convenience Counter for providing service customers living in remote areas for their convenience.
    • Financial products and services through various electronic channels such as KTB online, KTB Online @ Mobile, KTB Pocket Banking, KTB SMS Alert or KTB e-Cheque.
    • Products and services in support of government operations such as KTB Charity Account, Government Agency Tax Payment service, Village Fund and Urban Community Revolving credit and Entrepreneur Loan in Crisis such as relief measures for flood-hit business operators.
    • Other services in support of customer business on continuous basis such as training programs or organizing seminar on interesting topics for customers etc.
  • System and Process
    • Organizational management processes for Data Governance and Data Management with sound and prudent practices throughout the process with due consideration primarily of the customers’ well-being by providing them with accurate and complete data evenly, equitably, timely, regularly and adequately through all channels of the Bank.
    • Complaints Process by which the Bank gives the opportunities to various customers both Thai nationals and foreigners to lodge their complaints and make comments on the Bank’s services through several channels such as mail, telephone, e-mail and call in person at the branch or regional office or Head office, Customer Relationship Management Department, Complaints Function at telephone number 0-2208-8989 including Complaints Center and Call Center, tel.1551 (24 hours) in order to make use of information received for further improvement in creating maximum customer satisfaction.

Service Channel system comprising over 1,000 branches nationwide, expansion of service points or counters on seven working days a week covering wider areas including numerous electronic channels of the Bank.

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