Sustainable Integration

Stakeholders Engagement

Krungthai bank has conducted CSR activities for the continually developement of stability and sustainability in society and environment.
Cooperation All work together,All Growing together.
 Krungthai Bank realizes importance in all 3 dimensions (economic, social and environmental) of all stakeholders including employees, customers, society, shareholders , business partners and corporate governance committees.
 The bank implements good governance policies and business ethics for the fair and ethical business conduct. The business conduct of the bank will aim to generate best benefit and answer to expectations of all stakeholders to encourage the sustainable growth.
Stakeholders Engagement
Business partners
Business partners
Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Governance Committee

Employees Expectations
  • Remuneration package, fringe benefit and welfare
  • Work inspiration
  • Value of work
  • Work-life balance
  • Learning and advancement opportunity
  • Acknowledge of self-value and acceptance
  • Appropriate and safe work environment
  • Fair treatment to employees
  • Manage and enhance employees potentiality
  • Fair opportunity for career progress ( for all employees in all levels)
  • Job dedication and satisfaction evaluation
  • Organize communication channels via direct e-mail to management or HR care and Hotline
  • Appropriate salary and fringe benefit
  • Pay attention to well-being of employees
  • Arrange media to communicate to employees
Customers Expectations
  • Keep customers information confidential
  • Availability of appropriate choices of financial products
  • Receive appropriate service
  • Provide equal , fair and willing service
  • Offer service and support to customers
  • Open procedures for customer satisfaction evaluation
  • Develop the management system to suit with the needs and expectations of customers
  • Keep customers information confidential
Society Expectations
  • Better quality society
  • Responsible to society
  • have tools to support economy
  • Cooperate responsible society in process such as reduce water and electricity consumption , lower CO2 emission level
  • Microfinance service and loan for social service
  • Create CSR after process to support 4 dimensions of wisdom including education , culture , society and environment and sports through over 35 projects/year for sustainable strength of society
Shareholders Expectations
  • Receive sustainable investment
  • Follow good governance and business ethics
  • Conduct business with transparency and prudence
  • Provide good dividends sustainably
  • Report the progress , performance of projects and arrange for opinions hearing in annual meetings for shareholders
  • Provide reports of business progress through annual report , sustainability reports and websites
Business partners Expectations
  • Clear Procurement policy
  • Fair and transparent procurement policy
  • Punctual payment
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Clear rules and regulations for procurement process
  • Comply with fair principle of procurement process . No corruption for personal benefits
  • Clear and complete information provided to business partners
  • Reject any gifts or personal invitations for individuals or departments that business partners are sponsored. So , the possible doubt for unfair favour to any parties shall not occur.
Corporate Governance Committee Expectations
  • Efficient management system
  • Secure Banking system
  • Transparent Banking working process
  • Responsible to society and environment
  • Follow the standard Bank evaluation criteria, self-evaluation standard, and other rewards’ criteria such as SEPA reward to improve the working process
  • Operate with prudence and consideration to society and environment
  • Manage and operate the banking system to meet the national standards and international standards

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