Sustainable Integration


Krungthai bank emphasizes good corporate governance, leading to the Bank's sustainable and firm growth and the confidence of shareholder.
Growing with stability on the trust foundations.
Krung thai Bank prioritize customers’ trust as our priority. The bank appointed the committee members for good corporate governance evaluation which will ensure the bank working to achieve the bank’s objectives. The committee reports directly and consistently to other board of directors, and committee members include:
Organization chart consist of :
Board of directors
Board of
Board of executives directors
Board of
executives directors
 Audit committee
The cooperate governance&social responsibility committee
The cooperate
governance &
social responsibility
Nominating  and remuneration committee
Nominating and
remuneration committee
Risk management committee
Compliance committee
Compliance committee
Board of Directors
Responsible for the banks ‘s maximum benefit and shareholders. The Board of directors set up policies and govern all the banking systems to function legally and ethically as per the bank’s policies.
Board of executive directors
Support the operations of board of directors to implement rules , policies , guidelines, consider loan approvals , adjust loan plans , investment and business plans.
Audit Committee
Audit financial reports to meet with required accounting standard . As well , to audit any relevant subjects that may affect credentiality of financial reports , internal audit system and effective risk management.
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee
Responsible for implementing policies and guidelines and also follow up and adjust the work process of the bank and the companies whose 100% of shares owned by the bank , to comply with the good corporate governance standards on national and international levels. Also, the committee is expected to promote good corporate governance and social responsibility across the society.
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Responsible for implementing policies and guidelines regarding remuneration package , other benefits of the bank , and nomination process for selecting qualified individuals to comply with related rules and law .
Risk management committee
Responsible for implementing risk management systems and policies , control ,evaluating and ensuring the bank following the policies and risk management guidelines the committee implemented.
Compliance committee
Responsible for control and management of risk caused by non-standard practise that not followed rules and law.

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