"Strong Society"
Every group of stakeholders is an important factor increasing the Bank's capability to grow sustainably.
Build confidence for all
1.	Fair treatment and respect human rights of laborers
Fair treatment and respect human rights of laborers
Krungthai bank respects fundamental human rights that each individual deserves regardless of races, skin colours, genders, ages , languages spoken , religions and physical conditions. The bank treats everyone equally with no separations , detainments or limitations of rights . The bank has the protection schemes for those who raised the issues and use the fair recruitment systems
The fairness of customers service system; The bank implemented queuing system with the use of queuing machines and has available channels for customers to file for any unfair treatment
Employees care
Employees care
The bank believes that “if employees are happy with their work, they will always produce quality work for the organization.” With that belief, the bank pay attention to fair treatment of employee and executives care . The work rewards will be based on actual work result and transparent and clear process of work evaluation . The evaluation will be later used for further development of working process and measure the employees ‘ satisfaction for better improvement on employees care.
Development of employees’ potentiality
The bank consistently provides knowledge and digital skills training for employees to build strong foundation for future. The systematic process of employee development are as followed :


Employee development process
Procedures for development Practical Process
1. Identify Need Identify the needs of development both for executives and employees. Each business unit will determine the needs for development of its unit , executives and personnels by looking at strategy of the bank and integrating the organization goals and executives’ policies.
2. Analyze Need Analyzing needs for development of executives and employees, organizational level needs and executives’ policies, all relevant information of the bank including its departments, human resources, sustainability goals and training roadmaps will be in analyzed with gap analysis tools. The result will then determine 3 competencies for executives and employees development as followed :
  1. Core Technical
  2. Management Competency
  3. CAMEL FRAMEWORK (only for executives)
3. Design Design methods, process and content for development and enhance potentiality that comply with Bank‘s training roadmap, training needs of each business unit or target group.
4. Implement Implementation of the plans such as
  1. Classroom training
  2. In house training
  3. Public training
  4. In-bound or Overseas trainings ,on the job training or Project-based learning
  5. E-learning training
  6. Training through Webinar channel
  7. Mentor training
  8. VDO conference training
5. Evaluate Training evaluation by employees and inline managers of employees receiving training and executives of those departments.

Well-being and safety in work environment
Well-being and safety in work environment
Well-being and safety in work environment
“The bank identifies overall employee safety policies.”
The vision , mission , value , strategy and managerial structure for safety, the objectives of safety are well constructed . So , the employees will be reassured , safe and bond to the organization , then they all contribute for making the bank their second home and “Best place to work”

Management system of Security Structure
The environmental management for employee welfare committee
The environmental management for employee welfare committee
The committee members are executives from all departments of the bank. The roles are to evaluate management systems ,the process and plans for safety, well-being and work environment of employees at work.
KTB – SSHE (KTB – Safety,Security, Health andEnvironment)
KTB – SSHE (KTB – Safety,Security, Health andEnvironment)
The managerial process for safety , welfare, well-being and environment of the bank are under the responsibilities of the departments including the department of employees relations and rules compliance, property management , safety and security management and medical service unit of the bank. The Krungthai-SSHE management will be based on fairness and equality for employees ‘ safety and health care .
The safety , well-being and work environment
The safety , well-being and work environment
The members include employers’ representatives who are in a managerial level and employees’ representatives who are in an operational level as per legal requirements.
The safety officers for managerial and supervisor levels
The safety officers for managerial and supervisor levels
The roles are to maintain safety and well being -level of employees across the organization.
The roles are to cooperate with safety activities and assist in checking on work conditions , as well as giving comments for further development for safety in workplace goals.

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