"Sustainble Environment"
Optimizing resources usage, being environmentally friendly business and effectively employing technologies and innovations.
The environmental management for society
The bank knows the importance of environment and consistently cherishes the environment. On 31 January 2012, the bank appointed the energy conservation and technology committee in order to implement technology or innovation for energy consumption management and other technology for the most effective business operations.
Energy management
The bank lays environmental measures through assigning the building management to follow the royal decree for controlled buildings 1995. The building management is obliged to Conservation of Energy Act (2nd edition) 2007 which focus on energy management in the buildings as followed :
  • North nana buildings
  • Sukhumvit buildings
  • Sriayuddhaya road buildings
  • Suan mali buildings
  • Piboonsongkram computer center
  • Training center at Khaoyai
Krungthai Think Green+
"Krungthai Think Green+" Project
The project aims to create awareness of energy conservation among employees and encourage social and environmental responsibility. The project helps in transition of organization culture to be more effective energy consumption in long term. The activity used to promote such concept is a competition of bank branches and departments in reducing of energy consumption across the country.
โครงการ Booth ATM Energy Saving
Booth ATM Energy Saving Project
is the result of the research for natural heat extraction within the ATM booth. The ATM booths were equipped with fans and interior structure were designed for better airflow. The lighting system were changed to LED light bulbs for better energy savings.
The bank contributes to combat climate change which is critical damage to the world. The bank is accounted for indirect contributor of greenhouse gas emission as a result of using electricity. The resources of producing electricity is from coals, a type of fuel fossils, that leaves greenhouse gas during the process of production. So the bank encourages executives and employees to continue to reduce their electricity consumption.
Materials management
The bank is well aware of its use of wasteful materials .The nature of banking business require the use of those materials such as slips and account book bank which are considered critical financial evidence to be kept over 10 years.
The bank then continues to develop innovation for online services to achieve Digital Banking concept that enable us to serve customers efficiently, rapidly, conveniently ,safely as per international standard and economically on resources management.

ธนาคารได้ออกแบบเทคโนโลยี Paperless Organization
ธนาคารได้ออกแบบเทคโนโลยี Paperless Organization
Paperless Organization
Krungthai netbank uses “paperless organization” technology for easy application for users and designed to reduce the use of papers by offering financial products and services with no account book bank. The technology reduces the use of paper, storage problems of slips & documents and better efficiency on information management.

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The project is a collaboration of the bank with the Thai British security printing Public Company limited and over 64 allies organizations. The project has been running since the beginning of 2009. The objectives are to collect unused documents for recycling papers projects with the energy and water saving methods , saving cost, and no pollution back to the environment.
Water resources management
“Krungthai smart use of water” is the campaign encouraging awareness of employees for the value of water and how to consume water in the most efficient way. The objective of the campaign is to reduce 5% of the total water consumption from the previous year.
The campaign communicates its idea with the signs asking for employees cooperation on water savings. The signs are placed on the sink, toilets doors and kitchen doors at the two headquarters on North Nana and Sukhumvit and other branches.
Also, the bank replace the equipments for better water saving equipments such as sensor system with sprinkler-head faucets at the sink, the proper adjustment of toilet bidet sprays. With such initiation, the bank later will process for better water management.

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