"Stable Ecinomy"
Leading bank in driving economic and social system in Thailand to grow sustainably.
Create Sustainable rewards with Good Governance
Krungthai Bank with good governance principle aims to be a leading bank , which drives economy and gives solid support to government sector . The bank develop its employees and organization to be more efficient and has various range of products and services to support for customers’ need, which later shall generate the sustainable investment return to shareholders.
Corporate Governance
Krungthai bank believes that the solid and sustainable growth of business comes together with ethics of business. Therefore, the bank emphasizes on respecting and following good governance in all levels including directors, managerial and other levels of employees to internalize “Good governance culture” within the organization. The anti bribery and corruption policy is vivid example of dedication to have ethical and honest business conduct. The bank also implements zero tolerance policy toward bribery and corruption.
Risk and crisis management
Krungthai Bank knows the importance of risk management & control which can effectively manage the organization , reduce any critical damage to tolerable levels and chances of unexpected negative or positive incidents in the future .
The bank clearly implements policy structures and practical process which complies with the regulations of Bank of Thailand , Committee of sponsoring organizations of Treadway Commission ( COSO) and working guidelines of State enterprise Performance Appraisal (SEPA) . The SEPA focus is to evaluate the state enterprise’s quality and to improve its working system to meet with international standard. The bank also appointed the risk management committee to manage , follow up and evaluate the risk and consistently report to the board of directors. Moreover, Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) committee was appointed to evaluate and comment on loans approval process, as well as to address any possible issues relating to GRC.
Business ethics and anti-corruption
Business ethics and anti-corruption
Business ethics and anti-corruption
The bank implements business ethics as the guidelines for directors and all employees to follow those rules which meet with the international standards. The guidelines are in complying with 3 principles of the industry code of conduct of Thai Bankers’ Association. Those principles are integrity, fairness and being responsible to stakeholders.

Customer Relations Management
The bank highly emphasizes on customers’ desires. We operate on customer centric policy which results in the innovative financial products and services responding to customers’ desires and expectations. We aim to attract new customers and enhance relations with existing customers.
Value Chain Management
The bank invests its capital in loan business which consists of various loan types such as business loan, private-sector business loan , international branch loans and other capital investment . Those investments bring interest and fees from the bank services and companies under the bank’s umbrella offering hire purchase and leasing services , funds management and transactions between banks and money market.
1. Deposit
- Retail
- Business & SMEs
- Government & State Enterprise
- Financial Inst. & Cooperative
2. Borrowing
3. Equity
1. Financial Management
2. Capital Management
3. Legal & Regulatory Compliance
1. Loan
- Retail (Consumer & housing)
- Business & SMEs
- Government & State Enterprise
- Financial Inst. & Cooperative
2. Investment

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