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Overseas Transfer for Education

Special promotion! Overseas transfer for educational purpose
7 currencies to 8 destinations with the same rate



        Sending love and care to your beloved children overseas through International Remittance for Education with the fee only 950 Baht/ transaction throughout the year of 2016 when transferring fund in 7 currencies to 8 destinations. The details are as follow:


Destination Countries Currencies Regular Rate Special Rate
UK British Pound (GBP) 1,600.- per transaction
only 950.- per transaction
Germany and France Euro (EUR)
USA US Dollar (USD) 1,200.- per transaction
Canada Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Australia Australian Dollar (AUD)
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Singapore Singapore Dollar (SGD)
This special rate is available for transaction made through Krungthai Bank branches only.
This rate includes Charge Our fee, but the fee charged by the destination bank is excluded.
The sender is required to have a KTB deposit account. The amount of transferred money must be deducted from the sender’s account only (Baht and FCD accounts are required.).
The educational documents, such as letter of acceptance from university or student visa, are required to be presented in order to make transferring transaction.
This promotion is available for USD transferred to USA, GBP transferred to UK, EUR transferred to German and France, CAD transferred to Canada, AUD transferred to Australia, NZD transferred to New Zealand and SGD transferred to Singapore only.
International Remittance for Education is available at all KTB branches starting today – 31 December 2016.
The Bank reserves the right to change/ cancel the terms and conditions without prior notice.
**Starting today – 31 December 2016 at all KTB branches. For more information, please contact 02-111-1111

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