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25 Frequently Asked Questions
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25 Frequently Asked Questions
Q : How many types of Krung Thai shares and what are they? # 03
Q : What’s the IBAN no. of Krung Thai Bank?
Q : Where can I ask for the ticket export service under L/C?
Q : When will KTB hold shareholders’ annual general meeting? # 01
Q : What Identification documents of shareholder required when contacting with the TSD?
Q : Where can customers contact if they have any questions or need further information?
Q : How to make the oversea buyer open L/C through Krung Thai Bank?
Q : How can I do if I need to open L/C with Krung Thai Bank?
Q : How do I transfer securities?
Q : Who are Krung Thai’s shareholders? # 02
Q : How should I apply for the Dividend/Interest Payment to Bank Account (e-Dividend Service)?
Q : Is it necessary for the transferor or the transferee to process the transaction by him/herself? How do we authorize another person to process on our behalf?
Q : If ATM/Debit Chip Card is seized by an ATM, what should the customers do?
Q : What are KTB listed securities in the SET? # 01
Q : Which group of customers are suitable for Chip Card?
Q : When will ATM that accept Chip Card be ready for use?
Q : What should I do if I lose my dividend/interest cheque or securities certificates?
Q : How long before debit card expires?
Q : Who is the registrar of ordinary shares and preferred shares of KTB?
Q : What should customers do if they lose their Chip Card?
Q : How do I alter the information of the securities holder?
Q : What do customers have to do if they use Chip Card for cash withdrawal outside Thailand and face a problem?
Q : How do I alter my dividend/interest cheque?
Q : Which card type will be changed to Chip card?
Q : What kind of transactions can be made via Chip Card?