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Tarm Jai Term Deposit Account

Tarm Jai Term Deposit Account


A product that gives customers the freedom of determining the maturity or term period of their deposits


Unique Features:
Based entirely on their personal requirements, the Tarm Jai Time Deposit Account is an innovative product of fixed-term deposits that gives customers the freedom of determining the maturity term or term period of their deposits.  The product is one of a kind in the history of fixed-time deposits as deposit term is determined by what is known as Days Term to help customers make their financial plans effective without restrictions.  At its maturity, the deposits are renewed automatically under the same term.  

Product Attributes: 
- The choice of seven – 365 days fixed deposits;  
- Minimal amount of 50,000 baht for every deposit and no part withdrawal of the deposit is allowed;  
- Interest is paid at maturity; 
- In the absence of other terms and conditions, the matured fixed-term deposits will roll over for the same term period at the rate announced by the Bank at the time of maturity. 

Documents Required for a New Account:
Individual Customers:

- One of the following IDs: personal ID card or civil servant ID card; 
- Civil servant ID card, state enterprise ID card, government agency ID card or passport issued 
  by the Foreign Ministry or driving license with specified personal ID number; 
- Minors with no ID cards must produce a copy of census registration with their ID numbers or birth certificates and the presence of related guardians with proofs of certified guardianshipto endorse the opening of a new account;  
- Disabled people are to use their personal ID cards or handicapped ID cards/ books or any other ID proofs issued by the government;  
- Religious may use either their ID cards or monk’s ID cards along with a copy of their census registration.  
Juristic Persons:  

- ID proofs to verify the authorized signature for payment order(s), other directors as designated co-signatories and one shareholder holding 20% stake or more;
- Company’s regulations; 
- A copy of Business Registration Certificate issued by the Registrar of the Office of Company’s Partnership, Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce within 30 days of validation;  
- List of shareholders;  
- Copy of the company’s Board of Directors’ Reports authorizing the opening of the new account, the authorized signatories and payment terms endorsed by an authorized signatory(ies) and the company’s seal. 
- A copy of Company’s Prospectus;  
- The Bor Or Jor 3 or Bor Or Jor 4 Form for the company’s registered seal certified by the Registrar of Registered Companies for a valid period of no more 30 day;  
- VAT Registration Certificate

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