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Packing Credit : P/C

Packing Credit : P/C


Packing Credit

One of KTB’s wide-ranging financial products, Packing Credit (P/C) is designed to ease the financial obligations of exporters and/ or manufacturers who require the capital needed to get products ready for export to foreign importers.  This short-term loan (no more than 180 days) is available either as Baht Financing or Onshore Loan.

Customers’ Benefit

Accessibility to short-term revolving fund to bolster exporters’ capability  

Type of Service  

KTB offers customers two types of Packing Credit including:

1. Pre-shipment Financing is provided to exporters to fund their operation in the preparation of products for export based on the nature of the following purchase orders:
      1.1 L/C-based Packing Credit;  
      1.2 Packing Credit based on contract(s) or Purchase Order(s) originated by foreign importers;
      1.3 Packing Credit based on Warehouse Receipt which indicates the ready-for-shipment products in KTB’s trusted warehouses but pending price negotiation or buyer’spurchase order; 
2. Post-Shipment Financing refers to the credit extended to exporters after product shipment to importers with usance presented to the Bank for further payment collection from foreign buyers.

Customer’s Qualification

- Customers in the business of export,
- With current credit line and collateral(s) as per KTB’s criteria

Criteria of Service Usage  

- Available to customers with KTB’s P/C;  
- P/C is available either as Baht Financing or Onshore Loan;
- The loan provided is equal to the amount specified in the promissory note issued by the Bank based on the following documents of loan request: 


Issued based on

% Rate 


80% or per KTB’s approval

Contract / Purchase Order

70 % or per KTB’s approval

Shipment receipt / Pledge of Goods receipt

60 % or per KTB’s approval


90 % or per KTB’s approval

Location of Service Provider

Usances may be submitted to the branch where customers maintain their bank accounts or Foreign Business Center or Foreign Trade Department

Documents required for Service Request

1.  For Pre-Shipment Financing:
        1.1) Sale Request/ Discount Promissory Note and Promissory Note  
        1.2) Any of the following accompanying documents:
                 1.2.1 Irrevocable L/C or
                 1.2.2 Contract / Purchase Order
                 1.2.3 Warehouse Receipt or Pledge of Goods Receipt
2.   For Post-Shipment Financing:  
        2.1) Sale request / Discount Promissory Note and PromissoryNote;
        2.2) Required documents:
                  2.2.1 Copy of Bill of Exchange;
                  2.2.2 Copy or photocopy of related Invoice;
                  2.2.3 Copy or photocopy of B/L (Bill of Lading)
                  2.2.4 Copy or photocopy of importer(s)’ Purchase Order(s)



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