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Capability Promotion and Development of Southern Region Rice Mills Project

Capability Promotion and Development of Southern Region Rice Mills Project


Nature of Loan Service

  • Financing to enable entrepreneur/ operator in rice trading to purchase or improve/ enhance rice milling system to process rice paddy to rice as well as improving or buying rice drying machine to reduce humidity and other related equipment.

  • The Development of Internal Trade provides support of interest at the rate of 3 % per annum within the credit limit of not more than 15 million Baht for the period of not longer than the project expiration in April 2015 (2558)


Qualifications of Borrower 

  • Rice trading operator/ entrepreneur in the category of medium to large ricemill registered with the Department of Internal Trade under the Rice Trading Act B.E 2489 (1946) and still in operation currently with business establishment being located in the areas of Nakhon Sithammaraj, Songkhla and Pattalung.

  • Never committed any offence to government agency/organization or was blacklisted or has no record of financial loss under the Bank’s procedures

  • Not being a natural person or juristic entity or director (an board of directors) or shareholder or partner in juristic entity that caused damage to agriculture goods price intervention/support project under the government policy or was notified for litigation in civil case or prosecution in criminal case concerning such act.

  • Was granted an approval to participate in the project by the committee on Consideration of Granting Support to the Capability Promotion and Development of Southern Region Ricemills project of the Development of Internal Trade.


Interest Rate and Fee / Commission

  • Interest rate: interest will be collected at the rate of MLR% per annum until April 2015. After that, interest will be collected as deemed appropriate but not lower than rate of MLR% per annum.

  • Fee/Commission: shall be collected as per Bank’s procedures.

Loan Type and Limit
Term loan (T/L) with limit for each borrower from five (5) million Baht and maximum limit of 10 million Baht.

Subject to the Bank’s procedures

Loan Term / Period
Loan term will be considered in accordance with necessity and appropriateness. In this regard, the borrower will get interest support or compensation no later than April 2015.


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