Product & Service




Nature of Loan Service

  • Giving business opportunities to Thai SMEs to find and access technology, research work and development for further top-up as investment in new business.

  • Helping SMEs in industrial/manufacturing sector to create business innovation beneficial to Thailand’s economy and society

  • The national Innovation Agency provide support to business entrepreneurs in the form of 3 -years investment with maximum of five million Baht per project.


Qualifications of Borrower

  • Natural person or juristic person/entity

  • Being small, medium or corporate/large manufacturing enterprise in case of being project that will bring advancement in innovation and technology to the country as a whole.

  • Borrower has never received interest support in the same project from other institution.


Loan Term / Period

Not more than five (5) years with grace period of not more than one (1) year

Interest Rates

  • Interest – free on part of borrower and the National Innovation Agency will pay interest on behalf of the borrower for not more than the first three (3) years as follows:

  • Year 1 – 2 : MLR-2%

  • Year 3       : MLR-1%

Beyond the period of interest support by the National Innovation Agency, interest will be charged from borrower at normal rate.

Fee / Commission
As per Bank’s procedure with at least one director or one authorized signatory of company signing as guarantor.

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