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KTB Distributor Financing

KTB Distributor Financing

Nature of Loan Service
KTB Distributor Financing is a short-term loan or credit to be used as working capital for distributor of goods/ service. After delivery and submission of goods/ service and the time is due for making payment to the Sponsor or Seller, the Bank will make payment of such goods/ service first and then request the Distributor to repay the loan to the bank afterward subject to maturity of each promissory note (P/N) and interest rate as prescribed by the Bank.

Credit Line/ Limit
Credit line to be considered according to needs/ requirement for working capital as deemed appropriate for each customer.

Type of loan
Loan through issuance of promissory note (P/N)

Qualifications of Borrower
Qualifications of Loan Applicant)

  1. Individual person or juristic entity with business registration and has business operation or establishment in Thailand.
  2. Experience as Buyer/ distributor of sponsor’s goods for not less than one year or experience as buyer/ distributor of goods or other similar business for not less than one year.
  3. Earned net profit in latest year’s operating performance
  4. Must make payment of goods/ service to the Sponsor through KTB electronic payment (e-Payment)
  5. Not being a subsidiary or company in the same group as the Sponsor.

Interest Rates
As deem appropriate for each customer

Fee is subject to KTB’s procedures

Term of Loan/ Credit
Maximum maturity of each P/N as per credit term granted of not more than 180 days

Low collateral Loan (only for qualified persons according to bank procedures)

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