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KTB Supplier Financing

KTB Supplier Financing

Nature of Loan Service
KTB Supplier Financing refers to short-term financing or credit provided as working capital to Supplier of goods/ services after having delivered the goods to the Sponsor as the “Post Financing” and the supplier is required to repay the loan to the Bank in accordance with maturity of each promissory note (P/N) and pay interest as prescribed by the Bank

Credit Line/ Limit
Credit lime/ limit to be considered in accordance with requirement/ need for working capital as deemed appropriate of each customer/ borrower.

Type of loan
Loan through issuance of promissory note (P/N)

Qualifications of Borrower
Primary Qualifications of Supplier (Applicant for Financing)

  1. Natural person or juristic person/entity incorporate and registered for business operation with business establishment located in Thailand.
  2. Supplier who provides goods/service to Sponsor/Buyer or other buyers for not less than one year.
  3. Having net profit from operating performance in the latest year.
  4. Supplier must make payment of goods/ service through the account held with the Bank and must submit letter of consent/ authorization allowing the Bank to deduct money from such account for debt payment.
  5. Not being a subsidiary or a company in the same group as the Sponsor.

Remark : Eligible sponsors must meet all bank's requirements.

Interest Rates
As deem appropriate for each customer

Fee and Commission to be collected as per Bank’s procedures

Term of Loan/ Credit
Maximum maturity of each P/N in accordance with credit term granted or not more than 180 days.

Unsecured loan (only for qualified persons according to bank procedures).

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