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KTB netbank

KTB netbank

New revolution of internet banking ‘KTB netbank’

KTB netbank

    The revolution of banking services by Krung Thai Bank that make your life easier in performing online transactions with full function of internet banking such as opening new account, fund transfer, bill payment and other support services. Or, you can use our Talk to net officer service that  provide services like your personal assistance. Our net officer will perform the transaction as per your order.
    No boundaries of time and place. Anytime anywhere from your device, with SMS login notification that alerts everytime your net ID is logged into the system - ensuring the security of performing internet transactions.


  • For personal usage only.
  • KTB single account for at least one account is required (Inapplicable with joint accounts).
  • Cell phone numbers registered in Thailand is required.

Account Type

  • KTB Account  Deposit with passbook (Savings account, Current Account, Fixed Account) and KTB loan account.
  • Netbank Account Net deposit account (no book account) which are;
    • 1.) Net Savings - the primary netbank saving account for daily
    • 2.) Net Extra  - the extra saving account that offers 0.5% higher interest rate than Net Saving (minimum balance is 10,000 baht per monthand withdrawal must not be over than 4 times per month)
    • 3.) Net Fixed - is fixed deposit account higher interest rate than ordinary fixed account. NetFlexible Fix is day term deposit which allows you to select deposit term byyourself (bank will launch products and promotions constantly)



             You can register KTB netbank via the following channels.

  1. KTB branches (Complete Registration*)
  2. ATM/ADM (Complete Registration*)
  3. Online Registration ( by submitting the registration forms below (Your identity verification is required to complete the registration).For your safety, please verity your identity through one of the following channels;
    • Contact our staff at any KTB branches (Citizen ID or Passport & Passbook are required)
    • Register your mobile no. for TOP at any of our KTB ATM/ADM.
    • Contact our net officer via VDO call (for Thai citizen only)

                     *To making financial transaction, please register mobile number for TOP at any KTB branches and ATM/ADM

Product Details

Talk to net officer

  • More convenience transaction via VDO Call serviced by KTB net officer (You can select up to 5 accounts to perform transaction). Giving you higher security with net ID/Password, Face Verification and TOP (Time-out Password that sent to you before posting the transaction). All you need are high internet connection and VDO call devices (webcam and microphone)
  • Service Hours: 05:00 - 23:00 (subject to bank announcement)
    *This service is not currently applicable with foreign customer.



             You only need net ID and password (acquired by registering KTB netbank)

Product Details

Pay/receive with mobile


             Pay/Receive with mobile is an e-wallet service which payer can transfer money via mobile phone number to payee without knowing the bank account number. Payee has various options to receive money, for example, KTB branches, KTB ATMs nationwide.

  • Your Transfer money to payee in your contact list to any mobile carriers without having the account number of payee.
  • Your Smart Phone (iPhone / Android) can be like an e-wallet
  • Conveniently with multiple channels to receive money such as KTB branches and KTB ATMs nationwide
  • Special rates of transferring fee (KRUNGTHAI Bank’s conditions apply)
  • 24/7 accessible service
  • Secure your transaction with Transfer Code and Secret Code that requires for Fund Receiving


             You only need net ID and password (acquired by registering KTB netbank). The service can be accessed via smartphone or tablet only.

Product Details


  • Android - You can download 'KTB netbank' at Google Play Store
  • iOS - You can download 'KTB netbank' at App Store


Note :  To access 'Talk to net officer' service, you have to install 'VDO@netbank' application, available in Play Store and App Store.
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