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Direct Credit / Payroll

Direct Credit / Payroll


You can be confident in direct transfer service which is fast, convenient, accurate and safe with nationwide network. All transactions can be tracked immediately.


Service Features

Direct Transfer has two features:

  • Direct Credit
  • Payroll


Your organization can submit data into online bank system via KTB Biz Payment 24 hours a day


Key Features

  • More Updated : In line with new business approach with Feature/Function that allows your organization to manage funds efficiently. Also, support different ways of fee collection to best fit your business
  • Traceable : Real-Time tracking transaction from the beginning of the process to the end
  • Safer: With the system that permits restricted and segregated access rights
  • Fast and Convenient : Real-time data submission via internet helps you to pay bills and payroll fast and conveniently with our officers ready to help you
  • More Saving : Cost and time saving as well as increasing of effectiveness


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