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KTB Shop Smart Pearl Card

KTB Shop Smart Pearl Card

Smart shopping becomes easier as you go cash-free.   Whether it is dining, shopping or spending, it is time to change the tedious lifestyle of having to carry large amounts of cash wherever you go to a new, real-life debit-based way of life.  Here, KTB Shop Smart Card is designed to free consumers from the constraints of cash, empowering them to enjoy life at more than 1,000,000 worldwide outlets of shops, restaurants, department stores or cinemas where the VISA Debit symbol is displayed.   With KTB Shop Smart Card, customers can also make cash withdrawals at ATM points worldwide. 


The All-in-One Convenience Card:
- Cash withdrawals at all domestic ATM points with ATM Pool symbol;
- Easy cash deposit, withdrawal, transfer and payment services through KTB’s nationwide ADM/ATM points;
- Pay for purchases at consumer outlets with VISA symbol anywhere in Thailand;
- Enjoy 5-50% discount from participating stops with KTB Shop Smart symbol and earn 1 bonus point for every 25 baht spent to be used in redemption programs for a wide range of attractive products and services. 


KTB Shop Smart Pearl Card


KTB Shop Smart Pearl Card is another class of VDB Card in the KTB Shop Smart Group of Cards issued jointly with Dhipaya Insurance Co., Ltd., thus a co-branded product that also gives customers the advantage of insurance, accident and sum-insured covers.  Designed to use with savings account, ordinary person’s current account and tax-exempted savings account, KTB is in a position to offer the product as a service to its customers in the issuance, maintenance and subsequent distribution of the cards to its branches before offering them as a service with comparatively greater benefits for customers to choose  from.                                                                      


Additional Benefits for KTB Shop Smart Pearl Card 
- With existing savings and current accounts, customers holding this class of debit class will be able to make cash withdrawal/ money transfer transactions; 
- Just like a KTB ATM card, customers can use KTB Shop Smart Pearl Card at KTB-owned ATM and EDC facilities and similar facilities owned by other banks within the ATM POOL;
- It can be used anywhere, any time around the world to pay for products and as cash substitute at sale points and shops where the VAISA symbol is displayed;
- Entitlement to discounts at domestic shops with KTB Shop Smart symbol; 
- Hospitalization without the need for advance payment at all TPA-MEMBER hospitals nationwide  
Terms of Benefits

Details of Cover and Insurance Premium 

Insurance Policy 

Benefits as a result of adult accidental death, loss of limb(s), loss of sight or permanent total disablement as a result of accident (Aw.Baw.1) (excluding murder or bodily assault and accidents from driving your car or riding on hired motorcycle)  

100,000 baht

Aw.Baw.1-related benefits as a result of murder or bodily assault  

30,000 baht

Aw.Baw.1-related benefits as a result of driving your car or riding on hired motorcycle

30,000 baht

Hospitalization (per accident per time): additional cover for murder or bodily assault and inclusive of driving your car and riding on hired motorcycle 

5,000 baht

Nationwide 5,000-Baht cover as a result of data theft through KTB ATM outlets, but not exceeding 10,000 Baht/ year  

10,000 baht

Five-thousand-baht cover as a result of data theft through worldwide ATM outlets, but not exceeding 10,000 Baht/ year    

10,000 baht

Maximum insured age 

75 years of age



Fees and Charges 

- Entry fee, Baht 100; 
- Annual fee, Baht 599
Documents Required for Card Application 
- Personal ID card/ Official government ID card 





For more information, please contact

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