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KTB VTM Service

KTB VTM Service

          "The first complete Virtual Branch in Thailand offers account opening, card issuance and other services by having face-to-face video call with the Bank's Net Officer as if you were at our branch"


What is VTM? 

          VTM or Virtual Teller Machine is an automatic machine for making financial transaction, which is the Bank’s channel for rendering services, namely; account opening, ATM/DEBIT card issuance, payment, fund transfer, application for the Bank’s services and recommending the Bank’s products or services to customers. The Bank officer shall advise the customers on making multiple transactions via the Bank’s video call system as if they were at the virtual bank. Additionally, the customers may chose to make transactions by themselves as if they were making transactions using KTB ATM or KTB netbank. Krungthai Bank is the first bank to provide VTM service, which is a new innovation that would turn banking business into digital banking and would be a vital tool for changing customers’ behavior to increasing usage of digital banking. 


Service's features

          VTM (Virtual Teller Machine) is an automatic machine for making financial transaction services. The services can be divided into 2 types, namely;

1. The services that require a face-to-face video call with a Net Officer as a consultant throughout the transaction.

2. The services that the customer can make transaction by himself (Self Service) or have a Net Officer as a consultant via a face-to-face video call while making the transaction. 




The services provided by VTM are as follows;

1.  Account opening 

2.  ATM/DEBIT ATM/ DEBIT issuance

3.  KTB netbank application

4.  SMS Alert application

5.  Fund transfer

6.  Payment for products and services

7.  Statement request

8.  Credit checking service (NCB)

9.  Products and services recommendation 



KTB VTM's location

  • Siam Paragon
    (The location may change or new locations may be added according to the Bank’s announcement.)


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