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KTB Easy Home Loan

KTB Easy Home Loan


Maximum Credit limit up to 105%* with 0% interest rate, Loan installment up to 30 years with the minimum repayment at least 1,000 Baht of every 1 million Baht for 6 months


Objectives of borrowing

  • Purchase lands, townhouse, condominium unit, commercial building for being personal residence
  • Purchase land and construct personal residence
  • Renovate or redecorate applicants’ residence
  • Redeem premises from financial institutions


Interest Rate 

1st Year 2nd – 3rd Year After 3rd Year

1st – 6th month = 0%

7th – 12th month = MLR-2.00

MLR-0.50 MLR-0.75

Effective Interest Rate per year for entire contract term is 5.82% 


Special interest rate of 7th -12th month is reduced to MLR – 3.00%

For the customers who apply for Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance  as specified by the Bank,   Effective Interest Rate for entire contract term shall be 5.75% per year 


Remarks: 1 million Baht - Credit limit is calculated with the contract term of 20 years, MLR=7% per year


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