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Fixed-term Deposits for Charity Organizations

Fixed-term Deposits for Charity Organizations

This is a time deposit product designed for non-profit juristic persons.


Feature Prominence: 

  • High yield;
  • Interest is paid monthly to allow depositors needing the income to meet their financial obligations.


Product Feature:

  • Long-term fixed deposits with the choices of 48- and 60-month maturity terms; 
  • Minimum Baht 10,000 per deposit and no part withdrawal;
  • Interest is transferred every month to one of the designated accounts (savings/ current account) per customers’ instruction;
  • Deposits under three months will earn no interest.  However, interest paid earlier will be deducted from the capital amount of deposits; 
  • Should a withdrawal take place three months after the account was opened but prior to maturity, interest paid will be based on the rate paid to savings account for the actual period of the deposit and in accordance with the deposit term specified on the day the account was opened.   Interests are subject to withholding tax and surplus interest paid will be deducted from the fixed deposit account;     
  • On maturity, the deposits will be transferred automatically to the designated account (three-month fixed-term account/ savings account/ current account) per customers’ instruction.  

 ** Interest rates per Bank’s announcement on the day the deposits are made**



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