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KTB Smart Home Loan

KTB Smart Home Loan

Service Type

Term loan that the Bank offers to consumers to provide them with residential place through mortgage of such dwelling place as loan collateral.


Objective of Borrowing, Interest Rate and Credit Line

Credit Line
Selling price less than
THB 10 M.
General Customer
Project Finance

1. To buy land with house,townhouse, condo unit, commercial building.

except condominium unit of not more than 80% of appraisal
price or
selling price that is lower


except condominium unit of not more than 90% of appraisal
price or
selling price that is lower






Not more than 80% of appraisal price or selling price that is lower.


2. To buy land with
    house construction
    / building.
3. To build / construct
4. To improve, add
     and repair dwelling
5. To buy land for
    dwelling place
    construction in the

80 %


Qualifications of Borrower and Joint Borrower

  1. Person having monthly salary / pay or regular income or business proprietor with adequately stable financial standing for loan repayment.
  2. Being of age i.e. sui juris
  3. Age of borrower or joint borrower when combined with loan repayment period shall not exceed 65 years or not exceed retirement age as prescribed by law for specific types of government officials such as public prosecution official and judge. In case of joint borrowing, the lower age of either one of joint borrowers shall be required.
  4. Having no bad financial record or insolvency.

Lending Period

Maximum lending period of 30 years except in the case of buying land for house construction as dwelling place in the future whereby maximum lending period does not exceed is years.


Required Fees

  1. Collateral appraisal fee of THB 2,500
  2. Mortgage fee of 0.05% of mortgaged amount (minimum of THB 500 but not more than THB 2,000)
  3. Prepayment fee in case of refinance during the first three (3) years at the rate of 3% of principal amount that will be fully repaid.
  4. Performance inspection fee or charge of THB 400 per time.

Required Evidential Documents for Borrowing

  1. Photocopy of identification (ID) card or government official card and photocopy of house registration of borrower, joint borrower and spouse.
  2. Photocopy of marriage certificate of borrower and joint borrower (if married).
  3. Copy of bank statement and letter or evidence showing income of borrower, joint borrower and spouse.
  4. Photocopy of land title deed or title document (in case of buying units in condominium) submitted as loan collateral.
  5. Copy of sale contract of property submitted to the Bank as loan collateral.
  6. Copy of construction contractor contract and blueprint of building plan to be constructed, construction permit.
  7. Photos of house or townhouse or unit(s) in condominium or commercial building to be bought.




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