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Krungthai Asset Management Public Company Limited (KTAM)

Krungthai Asset Management Public Company Limited (KTAM)

New Funds

Make an investment confidently with the reliable information from fund guidebook which provides you with the information of investment policy, fund's tenor, risk level, investment allocation, estimated returns and other essential information. For more detail about new funds guidebook     Click here 

Fund Account Opening

Fund account can be opened at all branches of Krung Thai Bank by providing the following document;    
• ID card
• Book bank account (for transferring redemption, returns and dividend


Subscription / Redemption Service

Get more convenient and safe fund subscription, redemption or switching via the following service channels;    
• Krungthai Bank branches   Click here
• Making online subscription and redemption via KTB netbank    Click here
• Making online subscription and redemption via KTB Smart Trade  Click here 

Daily and Monthly Analysis

Keep track on recent economic situation in order to increase confidence and make an accurate investment with the important news summary, the highlight of economic issue from around the world with the analysis of trustable information. Daily and monthly analysis is available at KTAM Research. Read analysis from KTAM Research   Click here      


Provident Fund Managed by KTAM   

the additional welfare from the employer giving to the employee as security fund after their retirement       Click here

What is Provident Fund?
Provident Fund is a fund that has been set up voluntarily between the employer (entrepreneur) and employees (staff member) under the purpose of creating security for employee in the event of retirement. In this regard, the contributions employee paying to the fund shall not less than 2% but not exceeding 15% of employee’s salary (Called “Accumulated Saving”) plus with the employer's contributions (called “Contribution”). Committee shall be voluntary established in order to monitor and looking for the asset management company to manage such fund through employment contract. Then the asset management company shall register and manage the provident fund before report the fund performance intermittently.

The Benifits from Establishing Fund
Main Objective
•  To provide employee a welfare and security after retirement
•  To create working motivation for employee to work effectively 
•  To uphold a long term saving habit 

Benifits from Establishing Fund
•   To increase working motivation of employee 
•   To offer employee a good welfare 
•   Employer gets benefit of tax exemption from the contribution paid to the fund by deducted as the expense for corporate income tax.  For more information of provident fund   Click here      


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