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KTB Thanawat Loan

KTB Thanawat Loan


Effortless Financial Management for Employees


A special privilege for customers with payroll accounts with Krungthai Bank comes with Krungthai Thanawat and Special Krungthai Thanawat Credit Services combining with group of life insurance to enhance your cash flow. You will be able to course your activities and determine desired quality of life by utilizing reserve credit limit provided by the bank at low interest rate and a charge on the actual expense. You will also have a choice of paying in installments to relieve the burden of miscellaneous expenses.


1. 5-10 Times Credit Limit

  • The credit limit is up to 5 times of the salary

  • Special offer of credit limit up to 10 times of the salary for organizations with KTB benefit loan


2. Low Interest – Principal Payment on your term

  • The lowest interest rate among all financial institutions : MRR +3.5

  • During the month, you can choose to pay only interest or principal up to your choice

  • 1-year loan period (automatic renewal year by year)


3. Easy Application

  • One-time application and the privilege remains with the validity of payroll KTB account

  • Allow colleagues as the bondsmen. If customers apply for the group life insurance, they will get special privilege

  • Special offer for senior management, no bondsmen are required plus free special privilege


4. Applicant’s Qualifications

  • Government officers, temporary and state enterprises employees with net disbursement of income through account not less than 15% of loanees’ monthly income paid through Krungthai bank at least 3 consecutive months

  • Private company employees with net disbursement of salary through account not less than 25% of loanees’ monthly income paid through Krung Thai bank at least 3 consecutive months

** (Income refers to money received every month from company, such as salaries, allowances and child allowances, etc. but excludes bonus or any special prize money)


Apply for “Thanawat Loan” Online (Click )

  • “Thanawat Loan” for government official

  • “Thanawat Loan” for state enterprise employee

  • “Thanawat Loan” for private company officer

  • “Thanawat Loan” for Krungthai Employee


Required Documents (Click )

  • A copy of ID card or government or state enterprise employee card

  • A census registration

  • Payment slip or salary certificate

  • Agreement to review applicant’s and bondsmen’s data from National Credit Bureau Co.,Ltd.


5. Fees

  • 0.05% of limit value revenue stamp approval (Paid once upon registration or credit limit request)

  • Maximum Interest Rate 15% in case of default of payment

  • 200 Baht annual fee


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