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Agricultural Support Loan

Agricultural Support Loan


Nature of Loan Service

  • Working capital for buying longans from longan growers at the princes fixed by the Agriculture Assistance Policy and Measure Committee and conducting dried whole-longan processing.
  • Project in collaboration with the Ministry provides financial support to compensate interest rate spread of 3% for one year.


Qualifications of Borrower

  • Entrepreneur/Operator of dried whole-longans (in private sector) in seven northern provinces namely Chiangrai, Payao,Chiangmai,Phrae,Nan,Lampang and Lampoon and borrower is required to purchase fresh longans at the prices fixed by the agricultural Assistance Policy and Measure Committee.

  • Entrepreneur/Operator approved by the Ministry of  Agriculture and Agriculture Cooperatives to participate in the project.

  • Having experience in purchasing/selling/exporting longan products for not less than three years, and being entrepreneur  with his/her own whole-longan drying ovens.

  • Having good financial records and passed inspection by Credit Bureau.


Loan Type and Limit

  • Credit limit through issuance of promissory note (P/N) (only for each time) with limit as deemed necessary and appropriate

  • P/N maturity of not more than 90 days with monthly interest payment.


Loan Term / Period
Promissory note (P/N) maturity of not more than 90 days.

Interest Rate/Fee or commission and Collateral
Subject to the Bank’s procedures.

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