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SME-R&D Fund

SME-R&D Fund

Nature of Loan Service

  • To invest in developing the capability and competency in conducting research, development and engineering works within the organization of that particular private organization/agency
  • To utilize or make use of the scientific and technological capability in respect of research, development  and engineering available in the laboratories of the private or public sector or universities in implementing such R&D works or projects for industrial manufacturing and commerce in a broader scope.
  • This is a project in collaboration with the National Science and Technology Agency to offer low-interest loans to the private sector whereby the NSTA provides matching loan funds of two – thirds and KTB offers one – third of credit limit.

Qualifications of Borrower

  • Juristic person/entity of Thai nationality
  • Being small or medium or corporate manufacturing industrial entrepreneur (in case of being project that will bring scientific and technological advancement to Thailand as a whole)
  • Borrower has never received financial support of research, development and engineering works in the same project from other institution.


Loan Term / Period
Not more than seven (7) years with grace period of not more than one (1) year

Interest Rates
(Maximum 12 months deposit interest rate+2.25%)/2

Fee / Commission
As per Bank’s procedures.

Loan Type and Limit

  • Maximum term-loan limit = 75% of investment budget but not more than 30 million Baht per product provided that Borrower must co-invest not less than 25%
  • The National Science and Technology Agency provides loan as matching fund = 2/3 (two-third) and KTB’s matching fund = 1/3 (one-third) of credit limit


Security / Collateral

As per Bank’s procedure with at least one director or one authorized signatory of company signing as guarantor.

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