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TKK2555 Pre-Financing

TKK2555 Pre-Financing

Nature of Loan Service
Loan for contractor or construction operator that join construction contractual bidding under Thai Khemkheng (TKK). Stimulus scheme 2012 to have adequate capital for construction work.

Qualifications of Borrower

  • Borrower’s financial statement (copies submitted to Revenue Department) with no loss for three consecutive years or of not exceeding paid-up capital.

  • Having experience in construction contracting or procurement contracting in public sector or with government agencies for not less than two years

  • Bidding for work of Borrower’s skills and aptitude and in value of not exceeding maximum value of work ever accomplished

  • No record of abandonment of work or being claimed by any hirer/employer

Interest Rates

  • In case of P/N : interest rate not lower than MOR
  • In case of issuing L/G and other credit/loan type: as per the Bank’s procedure


Commission / Fee

As per the Bank’s procedures.

Credit/Loan Type
The Bank provides credit/loan for operation at maximum of 30% of project value/cost as follows:

  • P/N Pre-Finance
  • Performance and L/G (L/G-Performance)

  • Advance payment L/G (L/G-Advance)

  • Retention bond L/G (L/G-Retention)

  • Aval, acceptance, documentary L/C, L/C for purchase of construction materials and equipment

Property/ asset mortgage or claim transfer of deposits more than 30% of credit limit and guaranteed by Asset Management Corporation (AMC) with signature of Director/authorized signatory as joint guarantor also.

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