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L/G Bid TKK 2555

L/G Bid TKK 2555

Nature of Loan Service
Fast track for issuing letter of guarantee (L/G) for bidding submitted to government  agency in favor of contractor who will join construction bidding tender or procurement bidding under Thai-Khemkhaeng (TKK) stimulus scheme 2012.

Qualifications of Borrower

  • Interest Rates and Fee/Commission
  • Borrower’s financial statements (copy submitted to Revenue Department) with no loss for three consecutive years or with loss of not exceeding paid-up capital.
  • Having experience in construction contracting or procurement contracting in public sector or with government agencies for not less than two years.
  • Bidding for work of Borrower’s skills and aptitude and in value of not exceeding maximum value of work ever accomplished
  • No record of abandonment of work or being claimed by any hirer/employer


Interest Rates and Fee/Commission

Commission = 1.50% per annum with minimum according to the Bank’s operating procedures

Loan type and limit
Bid bond L/G (or L/G-Bid) (only for each time of bidding) of not exceeding 10 million Baht per L/G per project


  • New customer: Claim transfer/assignment of deposit at 20% credit limit and company’s director or authorized person must sign as guarantor.
  • Existing Customer: Director/authorized person must sign as guarantor.


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