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Environment Loans for Private Sector

Environment Loans for Private Sector

Nature of Loan Service
The Bank provides low interest capital funds for the private sector in the following environmental operations:

  • To make arrangement for treatment systems of air/water pollution, waste disposal system, equipment for control, treatment or disposal of pollution from their own business activities/operations to be in compliance with the law.
  • To be employed as service provider for waste water treatment or waste disposal under the National Environment Promotion and Conservation Act B.E.2535(1992)

Credit type and Limit/Line
Term loan (T/L)

Qualifications of Borrower

  • Private sector as natural person/ juristic entity

  • Operator of business that may cause pollution with duty and responsibility prescribed by law to control, treat or dispose waste caused by their own business operation, or person hired for waste treatment/disposal for other businesses.

Interest Rates and Fee/Commission

Interest Rate



Bank guarantee, deposit claim transfer


Other securities/ properties

Loan Period
Not exceeding seven years and grace period on principal for not more than two years.

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