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KTB-Energy Saving

KTB-Energy Saving

Nature of Loan Service

  • Use of loan as expenses in construction/renovation of factory, premises/building, site and/or manufacturing/alteration/installation of machinery and equipment including materials used in energy saving or alternative/ renewable energy.
  • Support and promotion of energy saving and conservation through use of renewable/ alternative energy or operation for econo
  • Implementation of new or alternative energy projects such as power/ electricity generating to be used in business establishments and/or for sale to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Credit type and Limit/Line
T/L limit to be considered and approved as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Qualifications of Borrower

  • Natural person or juristic person/entity

  • No negative financial record

Interest Rates and Fee/Commission

  • Interest rate : MLR per annum
  • Fee/commission : under Bank procedures/regulations

Loan Period
Not more than seven years with grace period on principal of not more than one year.

Under Bank procedures/regulations

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