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KTB-Green Loan

KTB-Green Loan

Nature of Loan Service
Loan for investment and/or working capital in project/scheme to bring about energy saving, use of alternative or renewable energy and clean energy both in case of production for own use or production for sale, pollution elimination/reduction to conserve the environment including expenses on improvement or renovation of business establishment site, building construction and related machinery and equipment.

Credit type and Limit/Line
Term loan (T/L) and working capital (W/C). Credit limit/line is considered and approved as deemed necessary and appropriate

Qualifications of Borrower

  • Natural person/ juristic entity of Thai nationality
  • Having loan repayment ability or debt serviceability
  • Having acceptable financial record. In case of formerly being NPL, troubled debt restructuring (TDR) must be made and the borrower has complied with TDR terms and conditions for not less than one year

Interest Rates and Fee/Commission

Interest Rate

  • For T/L : MLR – 1.0% during the first two years (i.e. year 1&2) and MLR from third year onward
  • For W/C : Not lower than MOR
  • Fee/commission : under the Bank ‘s procedures

Loan Period

  • Term loan (T/L) period of not exceeding 10 years
  • Grace period as deemed necessary considering borrower’ s cash flow estimate
  • Working capital (W/C) as deemed necessary and appropriate for each individual borrower/customer


Under the Bank’ s procedures & regulations

Definition/Description of investment include energy saving and use of alternative or renewable energy


Definition of Clean Energy

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