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KTB Order Financing

KTB Order Financing

Nature of Loan Service
KTB Order Financing is a short-term loan to be used as working capital for the supplier with the purpose to buy/ purchase raw materials for goods/ service manufacturing as the so-called “Pre-Financing” in order to sell goods/ service to the sponsor or buyer under the purchases order (P/O). The supplier is required to repay the loan to the Bank in accordance with the maturity of each promissory note (P/N) and at the interest rate prescribed by the Bank.

Loan/ Credit Limit
Limit will be considered in accordance with the need for working capital of each customer/ Supplier as deemed appropriate.

Type of loan
Loan through issuance of promissory note (P/N)

Qualifications of Borrower
Primary Qualifications of Supplier (Applicant for Financing)

  1. Natural person or juristic person/entity incorporated and registered for business operation with business establishment located in Thailand.
  2. Supplier that provides goods/ service to sponsor or other purchasers/buyers for not less than one year.
  3. Must earn net profit in the latest year’s operating performance.
  4. Must receive payment for goods/ service sold through account(s) held with the Bank and prepare letter of consent to allow the Bank to deduct loan repayment from such account(s)
  5. Not being a subsidiary of or in the same group with the sponsor

Remark : Eligible sponsors must meet all bank's requirements.

Interest Rates
As deem appropriate for each customer

Fee and Commission to be collected as per Bank’s procedures

Loan Period
Maturity of each P/N according to credit term allowed of not more than 180 days maximum.

Unsecured loan (only for qualified persons according to bank procedures).

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