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Promissory Notes

Promissory Notes

To facilitate the business with confidence, we launch a short-term loan, promissory notes, to use as personal cheque in an overdraft case.

Service Features
A short-term loan using promissory note as a required document for loan application instead of carrying a personal cheque in an overdraft case

  • Credit amount: Unlimited (case by case)
  • Securities: Cash deposit, bonds, properties, individuals or juristic persons
  • Loan Terms: maximum of 90 days
  • Interest rate: Depending on type of business and its risk
  • Fee: Free

Applicants’ Qualifications
Being individuals or a juristic persons

Service Terms/ Conditions
Type of Loan – Business Loan
Applicants have to send a request to the bank and pass the bank’s loan consideration criteria. Issuer of the promissory note must have a credit line with the Bank

Required Documents

  • Company’s affidavit

  • Memorandum of Association

  • List of shareholders

  • A copy of the company’s tax ID

  • Financial statement

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