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Foreign Bills for Collection Purchase

Foreign Bills for Collection Purchase


Service Features
In case of having credit limit with the bank, we will check all received documents and before purchasing discount (for term bill) export bill in advance. Those bills are further sent to customers’ foreign bank, which is called Collection Bank.

Type of Service
Foreign Bills for Collection Purchased: FPC is a service providing customers the Bills for Collection: B/L, another way of product payment, allowing them a working capital before receiving such payment from suppliers.
  1. Documents Against Payment (D/P)
    • D/P Sight: An immediate payment bill before receiving document for taking products
    • D/P Term: A term payment bill with the cost payment within the term indicated in invoice.
  2. Documents Against Acceptance (D/A)
    It is a bill approved by purchaser used to receive products. Purchaser will receive product payment after collected payment by the bank is complete
Service Objectives
To provide customers (importers/exporters) a short-term working capital during the period of Export Bills for Collection
Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being international exporters
  • Having credit line with the bank


Service Terms/Conditions

  • Having credit line with the bank
  • In case of not having credit line, approval from loan department will be required case by case
  • In case of having P/C debt according to the contract, customer needs to pay for P/C debt by selling such bills
  • Bank branch, Foreign Business Center or Foreign Trade Division are available for submitting documents
Required Documents
  • Collection/Instruction for Negotiation/Discount of Export Bill
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (B/L) or Air Waybill (AWB), or Trust Receipt/Railway Receipt or Parcel Post Receipt etc.
  • Any documents stated in the contract such as Packing List, Insurance Policy, Insurance Certificate , Certificate of Origin etc.
Fast working capital without having to wait for foreign purchaser’s payment
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