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KTB Fleet Card

KTB Fleet Card


Fleet Card


        A credit card designed for the convenience of paying for gas and other service charges at PTT, Bangchak, Esso and  PT gas stations, Fleet Card is a collaboration of KTB, PTT, Bangchak Petroleum, Esso (Thailand) and PTG Energy with the Bank responsible for credit limits and issuance of the card to agencies, organizations or juristic persons including government agencies, state enterprises and private corporations.  This is a trendy alternative to replacing cash payments for gas and other services at PTT, Bangchak, Esso and PT gas stations.  With the Fleet Card, payment at gas stations is convenient, quick, trendy and safe and card usage reports for effective verification and control.  The Card is issued to each specific car with the organization’s name, the car make and respective plate number on the face of the card.  It is available to any juristic-person organizations with a minimum of five cars.    


Fleet Cards’ Financial Benefits  

-  Enhancing the liquidity of agencies, organizations or juristic persons;
-  A convenient alternative to cash payment when making payments for gas and other services at PTT, Bangchak Esso and PT gas stations regardless of the time of day on top of the benefit of up to 55 days’ credit.   


-  Accepted nationwide at more than 3,500 PTT, Bangchak, Esso and PT gas stations with Fleet Card sign;     
-  Cardholders receive sales slips with spending details, card usage and the balance of credit limit/ month/ card as well as EDC-generated tax invoices/ receipts for every card usage;
-  The monthly Statement of Fleet Card and card usage reports help reduce the amount of paperwork.



-  Each card is designated a PIN code against unauthorized usages;
-  In case the PIN code is forgotten, new PIN code can be reissued on the existing card;  
-  After three consecutive failures of PIN-code entry, the usage of the card is blocked automatically and will only be reactivated at request to the issuing agency;   
-  The Fleet Card Usage Report with details of monthly usage allows the customers to check and control its usage.  Customers can check out the report daily on;
-  Reduce the risk of having to trust large amounts of cash with drivers;
-  Fleet Card customers can indicate the specific type of gasoline, be it benzene, gasohol, diesel, bio-diesel, NGV or LPG on each card;  
-  They can also determine the units, either in volume or value terms for each card;
-  The Fleet Card allows the customers to set the credit limit of card usage per refill on a daily, weekly and/ or monthly basis;
-  Customers enjoy the convenience of over-the-counter cash or cheque payment at all KTB branches or auto payment through direct debit from one’s KTB savings or current account or electronic channel i.g. KTB netbank and KTB Corporate Online;

Interests and Fees
- Entry fee: Baht 100/ card (charge exempted);
- Annual fee: Baht 400/ card/ year;  
- Card replacement fee: Baht 50/ card;  
- Interest rates and charges on credit use (for late payment)
         -  15% interest rate per annum;
         -  5% fee per annum for the use of credit limit


- Fees are subject to 7% VAT;  
- The Bank reserves the right to make changes to interest rates and charges to the Fleet Card; customers will be notified of the changes in advance. 

How to Apply  

- Contact KTB’s nationwide branches to request for service information;
- For an Application Form, click here for Fleet Card Service


For more information, please contact

- Krungthai Bank, nationwide, click here to locate the nearest branch to you
- KTB Call Center 0-2111-1111  (