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L/C Advising

L/C Advising


After agreeing to use the payment service of Letter of Credit: L/C, customers (buyers) need to send a request of L/C opening to the bank to further cooperate with the international bank (The Issuing Bank) to do such transaction. The bank will contact customers (sellers) immediately by phone/fax/email after such transaction is complete. Customers need to read all terms and conditions whether it is correct or not. If not, inform the buyers to amend L/C instantly.

In case of the request of L/C amendment, we will notify such operation to customers immediately by phone/ fax/ email. The L/C Issuing Bank is now herein called Advising Bank.

Type of Service
L/C opening and amendment is the Advising Bank service. After receiving L/C opening and amendment from the Issuing Bank, we will notify to the beneficiary (sellers/ customers) to receive such document for further doing transaction

Service Objectives
To provide convenience for the customers (importers / exporters) by L/C payment and amendment with a short period of time

Applicants’ Qualifications
  • Being international exporters
  • Being bank customers or not is available

Service Terms / Conditions
Request of L/C opening with the bank through SWIFT code: KRTHTHBK

For any inquiries, please contact Call Center Trade Finance Service Tel. 0-2208-3777
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