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Import and Export Money Transfer

Import and Export Money Transfer


No-fuss Transfer, Convenience for Business Counterparts


Krungthai Bank welcomes the opportunity to make international remittances for our import and export customers simple and quick all at the one-stop service point because you:  

  • Can access the service at any branch from more than 1,000 KTB branches nationwide without the fuss of having to stick to any one branch;  
  • Can make the transfer to any destination bank around the world* as KTB enjoys global partnership with designated banks overseas for the service;
  • Benefit from attractive exchange rates while the beneficiaries at overseas destinations have instant access to the remittance the day the transfer is made**;
  • Enjoy quick access to inward remittance from overseas banks and attractive exchange rates or simply bank it in your Foreign Currency Deposit Account (FCD);
  • Receive an instant e-Advice notification of either outward or inward remittance remittance from the Bank via your e-Mail address.

* Not applicable to bank accounts or countries for which financial transfers are banned.
* * Krungthai Bank’s conditions apply.


For Importers:
Convenient outward remittance with our International Outward Remittance Service


Importers wishing to make outward remittances can enjoy their peace of mind as they simply follow these simple steps: 

  • Fill in the request form >> submit >> keep the remittance confirmation sliWith the process complete, their overseas counterparts will be able to access the remittance on the day the transaction is made.*

          Krungthai Bank offers Outward Remittance Service using an advanced transfer system that makes the process convenient, quick, timely and secure.  This simple yet highly efficient process is handled by professionals at more than 1,000 KTB branches nationwide.  Alternately, the service is available online via KTB netbank.  Customers are advised that they can also take advantage of the Bank’s Foreign Exchange Risk Management Service. 

* Krungthai Bank’s conditions apply, taking into account the different Time Zone of each country and the operating hours of the destination bank; the service is not available to bank accounts or countries with which financial transfers are banned.  


Three simple steps to access the service through more than 1,000 KTB branches nationwide:

  1. Fill in the transaction request form for international outward remittance; 
  2. Submit the transaction request form along with required documents and the remittance;
  3. Keep the remittance confirmation slip.  


Special transaction e-Advice via e-Mail message:  

e-Advice is an instant e-Mail service to advise the customers of their remittance transaction(s).  Simply make the request by notifying KTB’s nationwide branches of your e-Mail address.  



Papers required for Outward Remittance 

  • Official documents verifying the authenticity of the person making the transfer (ordinary customers: a copy of I.D. card or passport; official papers pertaining to juristic persons: a copy each of company prospectus and capital registration certificate);                                                                                                       
  • Proof(s) of transaction intent; 
  • A Request Form for foreign currency transactions for those worth over USD 50,000 or its equivalent in other foreign currencies; 


Information pertaining to the Beneficiary of the Remittance

  • The name and account number of the remittance beneficiary;  
  • The name and bank code of the destination bank overseas, e.g. SWIFT CODE, IBAN NO., ABA No., SORT CODE.



Outward Remittance Fee, select one  

Charge Ben. : The beneficiary is responsible for the foreign bank’s transfer charges.  This will be deducted from the transferred amount.  Therefore, the beneficiary only receives the amount minus bank fee. On the other hand, a service fee of Baht 400/ transaction, applicable to all foreign currencies, is charged when the transaction is made through the KTB branches. For online transaction via KTB netbank, however, a special Baht-300 charge per transaction applies.    

Charge Our : In case the beneficiary wishes to receive Pay in Full* transfer, the transferor will be responsible for the foreign bank charges.

* The remittance beneficiary may receive only the transferred amount minus bank fee as a result of the terms applied by the foreign bank.



Examples of paper(s)/ document(s) required as proof(s) of transaction intent   

Costs of purchases/ service/ any other cost with billing proofs originated by overseas operator(s)

Purchase - sale agreement, and/or billing proof(s)/ invoice(s) and/or shipping proof(s), etc.   

Travel expenses to foreign destination(s)

Passport/ Airline ticket/ proof(s) of mode of transport/ billing proof(s) originated by overseas operator(s), etc.   

Dividend transfer

Proofs of dividend payment, e.g. notification by related business operators on dividend payment

Remittance of operating profit to head office

Financial Statement pertaining to the current accounting cycle, endorsed by a Certified Public Accountant or a certified Inter-related Financial Statement           in the case of transfer of operating profit  

Remittance of property rental to foreign individual(s)

Lease Agreement

- Proof(s) of foreign ownership of the property



For exporters:

Easy Inward Remittance Service , KTB Inward Remittance Service helps remove exporters’ unnecessary anxiety about: 

  • The information to be provided to the ordering party abroad;
  • When is the remittance credit transferred to their bank account?  
  • The right exchange rates;  
  • The need for foreign exchange risk management  



Those concerns become less of a worry with Krungthai Bank by simply provide the following information to the overseas remitter and exporters can rest assured that the remittance they are awaiting will be transferred into their accounts promptly and safely:


Please remit to

: …………………………………………..
ACCOUNT NO. .………………………………
ACCOUNT NAME (on the first page of the account book):…………………………………..



How do you know when the remittance is transferred into your account? 

To support our customers, Krungthai Bank provides a maximum of three free e-Advices via e-Mail to instantly inform the customers first with a Pre – Advice on the inward remittance and when the remittance is transferred, in local currency, into their account and, finally, the Confirm Credit Advice. 



Pre – Advice

Customers receive an instant advice on inward remittance with the following details:  

  • The name of the foreign remitter;
  • The currency involved;
  • The account number of the beneficiary of the remittance and  
  • The amount remitted.    


Confirm Credit Advice

Confirm credit entry into the customer’s account with the following details:

  • Exchange rate;                                
  • Remittance fee and  
  • The amount of remittance transferred into the related account.              


Customers may make the request for the e-Advice service at the Foreign Business Center at any nearby branch or through the FOREX Department or contact Tel. 0-2208-3616-20.   KTB charges a 0.25% fee of the total remitted amount (minimum Baht 200, maximum Baht 500). 


Do customers get an attractive exchange rate? 

Exporters will benefit from KTB’s attractive Buying T/T Rate.  If they are not happy with the volatile exchange rate, they can still wait for the right time to exchange the currencies into Thai Baht*.  Alternatively, they may choose to bank it in their FCD accounts. 


*Bank’s conditions apply.
Foreign exchange risk management keeps the exporters’ peace of mind! 


For more information, please contact
  • Foreign Exchange Business Department Tel. 0-2208-3616 to 20 
  • Krungthai Bank, nationwide,click here to locate the nearest branch to you
  • KTB Call Center +66 2111-1111  (
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