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FX & Derivatives

FX & Derivatives


KTBeFX services through the Internet Real Time, add convenience and freedom to catch up the fluctuation of foreign exchange rate.

FX Forward
A Forward contract helps customers receiving income and/or paying expense in foreign currencies at a predetermined price in another currency.

Currency Option
A currency option gives owner the right but not the obligation to exchange foreign currencies at a predetermined price in another currency.

Interest Rate Swap (IRS)
A swap contract that customers exchange a stream of interest with Krung Thai Bank’s streams (no exchange of notional). The exchange can be either fixed-to-float, float-to-fixed, or float-to-float with different indices

Cross Currency Swap (CCS)
An OTC bilateral contract between two parties to exchange periodic coupon payments in two different currencies over a period of time. The principle amounts are mostly exchanged initially and at maturity at prevailing market exchange rate.

Commodity Hedging
A contract whereby two parties exchange cash flows calculated based on fixed rate price and cash flow calculated based on floating rate price of particular commodity underlying. The transaction is in cash-settlement basis calculated from the difference between fixed rate price and floating rate price.